LEXUN is offering a one-year warranty starting from the day of purchase.

The customer is mandatory to provide a receipt of the purchased item. The seller is not responsible for providing warranty service without the receipt.

How to apply warranty service

Warranty will apply to a product being defective under the intended usage. Any misuse, abuse, failure to follow operating instructions, or any attempt to fix with unauthorized tools will not be eligible under the protection of warranty policy. Customers will be responsible for shipping the defective item back to us at the their own expense. LEXFUN will cover the cost of shipping the newly replaced items back to the customers (exchanging for the different item is not permitted).

Please perform a thorough inspection before the detective item is shipped back to us. We will not be responsible for paying the shipping cost back to the customer if we fail to spot the abnormality for the returned item.

Repair Duration

It will take approximately 20 days to inspect and address the abnormality before it’s shipped back to the customer.

LEXFUN is not responsible for the logistic delay and further complication.

Circumstances Outside the Warranty

LEXFUN will offer the repair service outside of the warranty policy. However, the cost of spare parts and delivery fee will be billed at the customer’s expense

  • Any damage and malfunction caused by unauthorized disassembling or improper use of the product.
  • Any damage caused by natural disasters such as fire, flood, thunder, earthquake, or hurricanes.
  • Malfunctions are caused by reason, such as soaking, corrosion, high humidity, or damage caused by the physical impact.
  • The damage caused by wear-and-tear over a long period of time.
  • Reasons such as scratches, color fade, or physical damage to the leather.
  • The item is purchased directly from unauthorized retailers.